Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 1

waiting to board in Newark

We made it! After 24 hours of travel on various planes, trains and buses, we arrived in Tokyo, exhausted, but alive. We got rail passes and headed to the hotel...

getting rail passes

Though we left Maine at 5:00 AM Monday morning, we arrived in Tokyo at 5:00 pm Tuesday night. And the best way to get over that crazy time change is just to stay up. And the best way to stay up is to go shopping!!

girls in the toy shop

This little toy shop was just around the corner from our hotel in Ginza. After the shopping, we headed to a local grocery store for some fantastic Japanese treats and dinner. It was fun to try a little bit of everything!

Then we crashed in to bed, totally wiped out, but ready for the next day of adventure in Japan.

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